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    • 19 apr. 2024
      1 check-in

      Recently tried Haute Mess, not in love. I got the Gimlet Bianca Sandwich and felt it was totally unbalanced and not my favorite Sando.

      The sourdough baguette didn't taste fresh and was way too hard making it challenging to eat. (Pro tip, squish the bread a few times to make it manageable to eat) This was to be Turkey w bacon, and a few veggies but all you can taste in the overpowering flavor of the bacon, can't even taste the turkey or the avocado aioli. I ended up adding deli mustard to add depth to the flavor of the sandwich.

      All in all based off first impressions I wouldn't recommend this sandwich spot.

      Gimlet Bianca Sandwich, unbalanced flavors with one really hard baguette (not my fave)
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    • 16 apr. 2024
      1 check-in

      This is one of those Westside spots that I describe as "California Style Mexican Food." Tons of vegan/vegetarian options, great craft cocktails, all in a small and cozy space in hip Venice. The drinks and vibes were the highlight, the food was ok.

      Guacamole appetizer - 4 stars. Served with blue corn tostadas (man, I miss real chips), the guac was rich with flavor and quite fresh. Best dish of the night.

      Chicken Tinga Taco - 3 1/2 Stars. The flavor of the chicken was good, but this is way too soggy to eat with your hands, knife and fork are necessary.

      Mushroom Taco - 3 1/2 Stars. Good for being vegan, but this was also quite soggy.

      Quesadilla w Mushrooms - 3 Stars. This is not a typical quesadilla at all, and I wasn't in love with it. Soggiest dish of the night and not that exciting in flavor.

      La Flaca Margarita (Skinny Marg) - 4 1/2 Stars. An amazing skinny marg!

      I was between a 3 and a 4 and ultimately went with a 4 since parking was easy (though it was also 5:30p on a Monday), service was friendly, and the cocktails were great. I'm not dying to go back for the food, but would definitely stop by for drinks with friends.

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    • Izakaya, Sushi, Ölbarer

      East Hollywood, Los Angeles

      15 apr. 2024
      1 check-in

      Had a really fun night out here last Friday. Made a reso early in the week as this place is currently hard to get a table at. They have valet on the weekends but we found a great spot on Virgil and headed in. We were seated at the bar (though I'm definite I made a reso for a table, but there were just 2 of us), and the bar turned out to be pretty fun. This space is on the loud side blasting late 90's music which was a fun throwback. Some dishes I'm still dreaming about, while a few were forgettable. Below is what we tried:

      Naem - 2 1/2 stars. This dish was hyped and didn't work for me. The rice balls were crisp and tasty, the pork tasted like spam and was not my thing. I wouldn't recommend! (Yes, I added the slaw as recommended)

      Charred Sweet Potato - 5+ Stars. Amazing! So delicious and buttery with hints of miso. I could eat this everyday!

      Negima (2 Chicken Skewers) - 5+ Stars. This is a must get item, the chicken melts in your mouth and is cooked perfectly!

      Aburi Salmon - 5 Stars. Pressed salmon sushi roll?! Yes please! This was so tender and rich with flavor.

      Budo-Gnocchi - 3 1/2 Stars. Their take on gnocchi, but with rice cakes. I didn't love the texture of the "gnocchi," it was way too al dente and didn't work for me, but the flavor was good.

      Strawberry Milk Soft Serve - 5+ Stars. Delicious way to end the meal! This tasted like strawberry nesquick you have as a kid. Rich in flavor, and perfect soft serve texture -- so good! (Served w two little shovels, so cute)

      This is a beer/wine/sake/soju spot only, no hard liquor. The cocktails we got were inventive and tasty and totally worked for me!

      The overall vibe is electric and fun, this is a great weekend spot that I'd happily go back to!

      Budonoki Menu
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    • 11 apr. 2024
      1 check-in

      Took my Mom here last Friday to celebrate a big birthday, and though nothing was bad there was nothing very special about this meal. I usually take her to Mastro's where they make you feel like a King, but Monty's fell short from the food to the service.

      Bread Basket -- 3 Stars. The two pieces of bread in the basket were just fine, not great.

      Latke Appetizer - 3 1/2 Stars. Served with sour cream and apple sauce like I like it, the latke had a nice crunch to the exterior.

      Caesar Salad - 4 Stars. Kudos for the large portion! This was better than other items but not a salad in going to dream about.

      Mesquite Broiled Chicken - 3 1/2 Stars. This was mediocre and lacked a bit of flavor requiring quite a bit of bbq sauce to make this work.

      Petite Filet - 3 1/2 Stars. This was nothing special.

      Cheesecake - 4 Stars. Best dish of the night! Classic New York style.

      Overall Monty's is a classic steakhouse that has served this area for decades but the food needs a bit of an update. The service was fine, not the 5 star service I'm used to from other steakhouses. When ordering dessert, I asked the waitress to add a candle since it was a birthday (insert eye roll here).

      The ambiance was dimly lit and moody, no complaints there. I found parking on Topanga, but appreciate that they have valet as an option. Overall, it looks like I'll be taking Mom back to Mastros or another steakhouse for her birthday as this was not a special moment.

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    • 10 apr. 2024
      1 check-in

      This sandwich shop/mini bodega is turning out fresh sandwiches and great customer service!

      I was greeted with a warm smile and "hello" the second I walked in and had no wait time to order. I opted for the "build your own" sandwich option and loved the concept to fully customize your sando.

      I chose oven roasted turkey w swiss on a baguette w avocado and all the fixings I wanted. The proportions were great and perfectly balanced, the baguette was delicious, and everything was so fresh!

      Total wait time to build the sandwich was probably 3 - 4 minutes, not bad at all! There are plenty of drink options and snacks here too, and the parking could not have been easier. Can't wait to come back and try more from this incredible spot!

      Did the "build your own" option. Oven roasted turkey on a baguette w avocado and other fixings -- DELICIOUS!!
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